Setting the SceneHashi Energy is a leading oil and gas distributor in Sub-Saharan Africa. With 5 gas stations across the region, a top-ten foothold in LPG retail combined with a launch of a new solar product. However, their retail outlets and products failed to meet the revenue expectations when compared to similarly-sized competitors.

Client: Hashi EnergyServices: Strategy, ATL & BTL CampaignYear: 2013 - 2015

Key Challenges

fanning the flames

Hashi Energy was involved in Diesel, Petrol and Kerosene, LPG, and Solar Product Retail. Despite having a number of regional super distributors and an attractive financing model, uptake by consumers was relatively low, mainly due to distrust, a lack of awareness and education and poor communication on marketing campaigns.

Through market-based insights, we set out with the Hashi team to directly influence the consumers’ purchase journey through education and brand awareness campaigns coupled with strategic partnerships.

Strategic Insights

firing the imagination

After conducting exhaustive qualitative and quantitative research of specific consumer groups, their buying journey and buying decision - It was determined, that the key issues were misconceptions about the cost of LPG compared to alternatives, the price of of the gas, lack of brand awareness and inadequate distribution, especially in the rural areas.


fueling the change

We came up with an ATL and BTL brand awareness campaign to build brand recognition and paired it with a strong educational campaign. We also developed a strategic partnership with Equity Bank to help facilitate a larger distribution network and redesigned all product packaging and retail outlet branding to fit with visual identity and the brand proposition.

To further improve the campaign’s reach, we developed a DODO (Dealer Owned, Dealer Run) franchise sales package and trained sales teams to build distribution partnerships for better rural penetration and created a strategic partnership with major LPG distributor, Stewan Gas, for both Solar and LPG retail.

Yellow undertook a research study to find untapped markets within Kenya and focus on these locations for sale of LPG gas cylinders. This led us to Kakuma and Dadaab - refugee settlements in the North of Kenya with a population of over 300,000 refugees. Through activations and educational campaigns, we managed to become the leading LPG provider in the region.


Hashi’s petrol stations increased 5x in less than 1 year as did their revenue. We also raised consumer awareness and engagement significantly and lowered the barrier to entry through distribution and financing models.

Hashi also increased their LPG sales 3x in a period of 1 year and seal a strategic partnership deal with Stewan Gas for exclusive sale of their LPG cylinders.