Keroche Breweries is a large manufacturer and bottler of alcohol beverages. Despite having a Ksh 8 billion manufacturing plant in Naivasha and being one of the largest distributors of spirits around the country, the penetration of their lager and malt-based beer brand, Summit, had little penetration in Nairobi County.

Client: Keroche BreweriesServices: ATL & BTL CampaignYear: 2014

Key Challenges

a climb uphill

Summit beers were considered low-quality beers despite being exceptional quality, brewed in pristine plants, with distilled water, and without sugar additives or cornstarch. Uptake within Nairobi was low which led to bar owners and general traders not re-stocking the brands.

Strategic Insights

all bottled up

After conducting qualitative research and analysis of specific consumer groups, their buying journey and decision, It was determined, that the key issues were that consumers were unaware that Summit beers were better options than its EABL competitor brands. People also didn’t know that Keroche was a Kenyan company and not owned by an international subsidiary. Another lingering perception was low awareness and brand recognition. Competitors were influencing bars to destock Summit by offering retailer incentives. On top of all this, the Summit variants were not available at key bars and retailers.


ordering a round

We developed an ATL and BTL brand awareness campaign to build recognition. This was leveraged with football (Premier League & World Cup) to position the brand as the preferred beer to drink for recreation. We also promoted in-store branding and marketing to incentivize bars and retail outlets to restock the Summit brand and conducted in-bar taste tests.


This campaign saw sales dramatically increase and drive revenue for both bars and retail outlets. Consumer brand awareness and loyalty increased significantly in major outlets across the country and brand aspiration increased in rural areas.